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Wheel Alignment

Adjusting your car's wheel alignment means that we will adjust a series of complex measurements and adjustments that make your car's steering, suspension and driving characteristics perform as they should.

When adjusted correctly, proper wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves fuel economy and handling and makes driving more safe and enjoyable.    

Having your car's wheel alignment checked at least once a year is advisable.  Under normal wear and road conditions, even driving around town can take their toll on your car's steering and suspension system and adjustment.  This may lead to your car's alignment settings to become outside of the recommended set of specifications.

Some common symptoms of your car needing a wheel alignment are uneven tire wear, your car pulling to one side, wandering across lanes and an often your steering wheel becoming off-center.  We recommend that you follow a routine of alignment checks to help improve all of these aspects of your car's handling and suspension. 

Wheel Balancing

Adjusting your car's wheel balance means that we will adjust the distribution of weight around your tires and wheels.  When your tires are not balanced correctly, it can have a dramatic impact on both your car and your safety.

Correct wheel balance makes sure that the wheels do not have any heavy spots that would cause vibration and wear out your tires, struts, shocks or other steering and suspension parts.  When combined with proper wheel alignment, balanced wheels ensure smooth and enjoyable driving.     

The most common signs of unbalanced tires are vibration and noise problems.  When driving with an out-of-balance wheel, the wheel will bounce down the road rather than spinning smoothly.  This also can affect the speed, handling and fuel efficiency of your car.  As many new cars have light weight suspension and wheels, they tend to be more sensitive to imbalance than older cars.  


ACT Mechanical service

Mechanical Care is Canberra's comprehensive automotive service, located in the heart of Belconnen. Our professional and friendly team has provided high quality vehicle mechanical servicing, as well as repairs, performance vehicle tuning for over two decades.

We pride ourselves on our honest and reliable work ethic across all automotive services including brake and clutch replacement, suspension, air conditioning, new car logbook servicing, automotive batteries and vehicle servicing. Need a professional mechanic or car mechanical repairer in the ACT or Canberra? Pop into Mechanical Care for fast and courteous service.

If you need real professional car service and car repairs around Canberra or the ACT come and see the experts for fast and reliable service.