• How do you contact me when my car is ready?

    We can ring, sms or email when your car is ready. We will confirm how you would like to be contacted when you drop the car off.

  • Why is regular servicing important?

    A regular car service is important to keep your vehicle in top condition. Keep up with your servicing and make an appointment to bring it into Mechanical Care. Our qualified and experienced mechanics will pay attention to every detail to ensure your car meets the highest possible standards of performance and safety.

  • What is involved in a Minor Service?

    Every Mechanical Care Minor Service includes: full lube service, changing engine oil, oil filter, and full brake inspection and vehicle safety report.

  • What is involved in a High-Tech Tune?

    Every Mechanical Care High-Tech tune includes: diagnostic check, high-tech electronic tune-up including spark plugs and points if required. (Excludes fuel and air filter, platinum and precious spark plugs).

  • What is involved in Brake Fluid Replacement?

    Every Mechanical Care Brake Fluid Replacement service includes bleeding of the entire system. (excludes ABS).

  • What is involved in a Brake Service Only Service?

    Every Mechanical Care Brake Service Only includes a full brake system inspection and written report, cleaning and adjustments in conjunction with above.

  • What is involved in Car Air Conditioning Servicing?

    Manufacturers recommend that Air Conditioning systems (AC & Climate Control) are serviced every two years, which includes evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as carrying out a system leak test. Maintenance will save you money in the long run and guarantee you comfort in the hottest months. Over time the air conditioning gases in your car will escape from the AC or Climate Control system. This is because car air conditioning systems are designed to leak.

  • Addition Service Items?

    If there are any additional service items, then we will quote on these while we are on site. We always get YOUR APPROVAL before any such work is carried out. If we don't have your approval, no further work is done on your vehicle, only what was originally agreed to at first contact. No nasty surprises when you pay for your service.

  • Does it cost more to service a European car?

    Generally it shouldn't. We locate European car parts from all over the world and have suppliers in the UK, USA, Singapore and across Europe. We locate genuine European car parts at a reduced cost than you might pay in Australia. We pass this saving onto our customers to ensure that they are not paying for the pleasure of owning and maintaining a European car. Ask us for an estimate today.

ACT Mechanical service

Mechanical Care is Canberra's comprehensive automotive service, located in the heart of Belconnen. Our professional and friendly team has provided high quality vehicle mechanical servicing, as well as repairs, performance vehicle tuning for over two decades.

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